History of St. Paul Lutheran Church

Rev. Paul Rowoldt 1942-1949

1942 February



1943 May

St Paul Lutheran Church Organized

Congregation Incorporated

First Sunday School Class

Congregation received into United Lutheran Church of America

Rev. J. Brooks Moore 1949-1951

1950 November

318 Club House Road Parsonage

Rev. Whitson Seaman 1952-1956

1955 September

Hammond Church Organ dedicated

Rev. Edwin R. Eastman 1956-1963

1957 November

New church site at Rt. 9 & Cable Avenue purchased 

Parsonage at Rt. 9 & Cable Ave.

1962 February

New Church/Rowoldt Hall dedicated

Rev. Robert G. Petersen 1964-1981

1965 November

Luther Cottage purchased. Building demolished 1970

1969 April

New church plans approved

1970 November

New church - nave, narthex, office dedicated

1976 September

Petersen Annex - two-room addition to Rowoldt Hall dedicated

1978 June

Cable Ave. & Locker St. property

1980 February

Rev. John C. Pfisterer 1983-2003

1984 March



Ship's Galley served first free lunch to community

Ocean Ave. & Locker St. property purchased


1989 Sept.

Anchor St. property purchased (now Anchor House)

1990 June

Rowoldt Hall mortgage burned at special service

1999 July

St. Paul morgage burned at a special service

2006 July

Construction & addition to Anchor House begins


Ocean House is used by Beachwood Fire Dept. and First Aid Squad for training purposes

2008 July

Dedication of Anchor House

2011 May

Dedication of Memorial Garden


Major update to kitchen, Rowoldt Hall, roof, windows, and grounds completed

2016 July

St. Paul becomes a founding member of Caregivers of Toms River

1960 September

Rev. Peter M. Hartney 2006-Present

1994 January

Rebuilt tower & new carillon operational